In the search for answers to the great questions humanity has always been asking,
we find philosophical, religious, scientific proposals discovering in all of them a bit of
ourselves and, by extension, of our work and our lives.
We are ARIOR. Our name is an acronym that results from fusing the Catalan words
argent (silve r) and or (gold). And that is so because they are the metals that we use
to elaborate our jewels.

Today, we know these metals are the outcome of the nuclear fusion occurred inside
a supernova star when, in collapsing, originated a big explosion thanks to which our
Solar system was formed and our planet in it. Each and every bit of these metals is
older than the apparition of the first human being and it’s most likely to survive us
beyond our own existence.

In the origins of thought in our civilization, the pre-Socratics postulated four material
elements that could be eternally found in Nature; they are: water, earth, fire and air.
Although this theory has been overcome by far, we cannot ignore that these
elements have endured through history as a source of inspiration for different
representations of art expression in various trends and styles, since ancient times,
through the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Modernism…

To us they are still the fountain from which we drink when we go in search of
inspiration, because deep down, they represent Nature itself and they offer shapes,
textures, colours and permanent changes that never cease to amaze us.
In each piece of jewellery we make, we put this little piece of star, this bit of nature
and this splash of artistic creativity that we season with big doses of technical
knowledge and craft skills, together with a long standing artisan tradition that backs
us beyond our borders.

We do have a past that makes us proud and a future that excites us; we are a solid
team that evolves as a group and looks towards the future and upcoming projects
with energy and no fear.

Our pieces exceed the category of decorative accessory, they go far beyond. Each
one starts by catching your eye for an obvious aesthetic value, when you look at it in
detail you like it because of its technical perfection, when you wear it you appreciate
it because it is comfortable and it embodies an elegance just as you expected and,
as time goes by, you are amazed when suddenly, one day, you realise you fused
with it, it is now yours and it is one thing with your image. That is the moment we can
say: yes, we did it!