The art of innovating, go to your Origins.

This year we wanted to surprise you with a new line, the Golden Black collection.

After a year and a half of research and testing new finishes, we have released a new differentiated product. The combination of gold and black is the great secret of this collection as you can guess from its name Golden Black. Jewels that stand out for its modernity and that imprime character and personality to those who carries them.

Bronze pieces finished with an 18ct Gold bath, black Rhodium bath and final nanochemical coating process. A laborious procedure that avoids allergies, bronze stains and gives the jewels a quality finish.

We have started testing with already known models from our showcase to, from now on, continue designing new collections that will expand this new line. It’s fair saying we already know that Intenzza will continue being the star of the collection, because with this new finish it keeps looking like a unique and special jewel.

We would like to thank all those who have trusted in this new line and keep surprising you with our work and the dedication we put into the creative act, that is what motivates us to make unique jewels.




Anell Atlas


Model volcànic GoldenBlack