Quality certificate

Our collections are made in two precious metals, gold and silver, for that each piece of ARIOR  has a stamp of authenticity (contrast) engraved on the reverse by the JORGC (Jewellers, Gold and Silversmiths, Watchmakers and Gemologists Association of Catalonia). This organism is recognized and approved in the main countries of the world as an accredited agency appointed by the government (ENAC, under ISO 17025).

Currently ARIOR has renewed the registration of his brand with the JORGC that, together with the contrast stamp engraved in our pieces, grant an unmistakable quality to our product.

Our most important line in gold stands out for the brightness of its diamonds, small pieces in different sizes which are certified by a gemology laboratory GIA (Gemological Institute of America) recognized worldwide by the sector. Taking care of the environment and its preservation have always been one of ARIOR‘s top priorities, due to the residual waste are cleaned by a company who has implemented the Environmental Management System (SGM), obtaining the certificate under ISO 14001, verification carried out through an independent body and approved by the Ministry of Environment.